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[dfd_info_box icon=”dfd-icon-globe” style=”style-06″ title=”Our Goal” subtitle=”A Little About Us and Our Vision” title_ibg=”” title_t_heading=”” title_font_options=”tag:div” subtitle_t_heading=”” subtitle_font_options=”tag:div” content_t_heading=”” font_options=”tag:div” title_d_heading=””]Forty- Four Magazine is the creation of Design 44, a design team based in North Vancouver who are providing a voice for youth to express themselves.

Design 44 magazine’s goal is to unite youth from around the world to collaborate and share memories/dreams/stories. We are here to provide our peers and our generation with a publication as well as a platform made specifically for us and about us. We are independent and student run, meaning that readers are not being sold or told to do anything. We are reflecting our lives in this magazine, to creatively cater information to our generation.

We write and showcase what we like to see, feel, hate, love and do.

Find out more, here.[/dfd_info_box]

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