DM Lite

Currently this is an Argyle course offered to Grades 9 & 10 attending Argyle.

Interested in the Digital Media Academy?
This course gives grade 9 & 10 students a chance to explore the Digital Media Industry, learn DMA skills and concepts, and build a portfolio for the Grade 11 DMA application.

Students may have the opportunity to work with real clients.  To complete projects you will learn how to use industry standard software and equipment for animation, film, sound and graphic design.  A strong career exploration path is pursued by students.  Project Management will be learned through planning, organizing & completion of exciting projects.  Field trips to Industry workplaces and presentations by Post-Secondary Schools are also part of this experience.

Preference is given to Grade 10 students.

Supplementary fee: $50.00 (upon acceptance)

DM Lite application coming soon

*we hope to offer this class students outside of Argyle in the future